Admission/examination Rules

Admission /Examination Rules



 A candidate who has taken the bachelor’s or the master’s degree in arts/Science/Commerce/ Medicine/ Management/Engineering/Nursing/Agriculture or the degree of shanti/Acharya or degree of Ayurvedacharya/Ayurveda Brihaspati or any other university recognized for the purpose by the syndicate with full course prescribed for the degree and secured a minimum of 45% marks, minimum of 60% in case of a student coming from a university situated out of Rajasthan (excluding any concessional marks) in the aggregate marks prescribed for the examination for the aforesaid degree, shall be eligible for admission to L.L.B. first year class.


1)      For the purpose of this ordinance, the marks of only those subjects/ paper shall be taken into account which had been considered for awarding division at the bachelor’s/master’s degree examination.

2)      The condition of obtaining a minimum of 45% marks in the aggregate at the qualifying examination shall not apply to the natural born sons/ Daughters or parents belonging to Scheduled caste/ Scheduled tribes/ other backward classes

3)       From the session 1994-95 candidate who have obtained a bachelor’s degree of 10+12+13 or 10+2+2  pattern shall be considered eligible for admission

4)      If the candidates has not secured the minimum marks and there is any deficiency of ½ or 1 marks, it will not be condoned in admitting. Any such student



Each theory paper in LLB I, II and III year shall be 100 marks. The practical paper in each year of LLB I, II, III year has been divided into two parts: “parts A shall be of practical written examination of 80 marks and viva voce of 20 marks.



Whenever any option (s) in any paper has been provided in the syllabus of LLB. I,II, and III year the principal or the head of the unit will determine at the beginning of each session the option or the options in which instruction will be provided during the session. The choice of candidate will be limited to the options so provided for instructions.


A Candidate shall be permitted one main & the three papers attempts in LLB I/II/III year examination consecutively three times, she will have to appear in all the papers in all the papers of LLB I/Ii/III year’s examinations as Ex-Student respectively and the same principle will again apply fresh.


1)      Examination are conducted according to the syllabus prescribed for the LLB course and the ordinance, rules and regulations in force. Students are advised to purchase a copy of the syllabus of the course and to acquaint with the rules and regulation.

2)      Notwithstanding anything contained in these ordinances, a candidate shall in no case be permitted to appear at two main examination of the university simultaneously in the same year.

3)      Non- appearance at the following examination shall be counted as an attempt for the purpose of counting the chance.

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