The college would be under obligation to ensure 75% attendance of a regular student out of the total held in an academic session in the college as required under the guidance of UGC and direction of the Hon’ ble Rajasthan high court.

 In no case relaxation is given to appear in the examination where the Student has not completed his 75% attendance. Also if a particular student is absent for 10% of the total number of attendance which is expected in a year, then the college would inform the parents of such students

Of her absence, steps will be taken to remove the name of such students after the absence, steps will be taken to remove the name of such students after the absence of 25% of the expected classes in the session to cancel his admission.



No one shall be admitted to any examination of the University of Rajasthan unless enrolled as a student of the university. The fee for the purpose of enrollment shall be paid by the candidate once only irrespective of the number of times the candidates appear at examination of the University of Weather she appears as regular student or an ex-student of an affiliated college of the university or as private candidate. (Refr.ord. 89 & 90)




In the case of student who takes a migration certificate to join another university, her membership of the university shall laps until such time she subsequently return with a migration certificate from another university. In such a case no enrollment is certificate from other university. In such case no enrollment is necessary provided that this lapse of membership shall not debar a student from appearing at an examination in the additional optional subject for a degree already taken in the university (Ref.ord.91)



A candidate who wishes to apply for revaluation of her answer book (S) should submit an application on the prescribe from with the requisite fee to the registrar, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur before the expiry of 30Days excluding the date on which the result was declared. (O.157-A (A))

General Rules of protocol

General rules of Protocol 

1 candidates are advised to have firsthand knowledge of the university statutes,

Ordinances, rules, regulations syllabi and names of the prescribed text books, reference books and their authors.
2 Student must always carry with them identity card & produce it on demand by college authorities.

 3 Students are required to come in time and regularly attend classes.

4 Students must go through the notices displayed on the notice board from time to time.

5 Students are expected to follow the rules and regulation of the college. As per the university norms regular attendance of the students in classes and practicals is necessary, at least 75% of the attendance is compulsory.

6 Proper care should be taken in handling the college equipment’s, furniture, computer, books etc. Students will be liable for any damage caused to the college property, weather movable or immovable.

7 Rules of library i.e. reading discipline, borrowing books and depositing them in schedule time should be strictly followed.

8 Use dustbin & keep the college clean.

9 Do not talk or use cell phone in the corridor & Class Room.

10 Ragging is strictly prohibited & disciplinary action will be taken against those found guilty.


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