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Alankar Mahila ITI College, Jaipur was established in the year 2009 as per the wishes of Late Shri Ram Pratap Kataria, who wished that a college for women be established at “Kataria Krishi Farm, Bishnawala, Jaipur”. His cherished vision took shape as “Alankar Mahila ITI College” and many well wishers from the field of education lent their shoulders for this noble cause. We believe that education is much more than providing a degree.It provides the student with ample opportunity to themselves and develop their talents. Alankar Mahila ITI College embraces its responsiblity to address issue of gender in all of their complexity and urgency and to help students achieve the personal strength that will enable them to meet the challenges so that they can encounter these challenges throughout their lives.The institution thrives on high expectations.By setting rigorous academic standards and giving students the support they need to meet those standards, this college enables them to discover their own capablities. Learning in this unique environment, the students of ALANKAR MAHILA ITI become agile, resilient, responsible and creative, prepared to lead and serve the society. Education at college prepares students for an unpredictable future not by training them for particular careers but by teaching them how to strive and confronts with the challege of 21st century.

THE CAMPUS & ENVIRONMENT The campus combines the beauty of the rural landscape & architectural master piece of Jaipur with all modern urban facilities.The silent, peaceful & tranquil atmosphere. Totally pollution free eco-friendly environment makes an ideal place of learning.The aim of management is to make it one of the leading institutes of the capital city which is amply substantiated by the infrastructural and instructional facilities developed within two years itself. The college strives hard to develop a true sense of liberal tolerence in its students towards all the religious, social, ethenic belief and background of every individual without any distinction of caste, colour and creed. We endeavour to develop a passion for excellence and determination to meet challenges 'Head on' through broad based skills with due emphasis on ethical and moral values.

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